Sleep Apnea Consults

Having trouble sleeping? Waking up with migraines, tiredness? Does your bed partner complain about you snoring? Snoring and morning headaches are some of the telltale signs of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). But you may be surprised to find out that oral issues can be the trigger for this particular sleeping disorder.

Here at Family Dentistry Group, we will evaluate, consult and advise you of treatments for sleep apnea. We also will work closely with Sleep professionals to provide full comprehensive care.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea without even realizing it. Because sometimes, snoring isn’t just snoring. OSA occurs when your upper airway is blocked (partially, or entirely) while you sleep. At this point, it’s hard – even impossible – to breathe, which subsequently makes it harder for oxygen to travel to your brain.

Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea

Untreated sleep apnea can have several potential health risks, including high blood pressure, depression, and heart failure. Certain people are more at-risk of developing OSA than others, including people who:

  • Are overweight
  • Over the age of 40
  • Have a nasal obstruction
  • Have a thicker neck circumference
  • Have a large tongue or tonsils
  • Have a small jaw
  • Smoke or drink alcohol
  • Have a family history of sleep apnea

Signs of Sleep Apnea

There are several signs of sleep apnea besides snoring. Some of the most common signs of sleep apnea are:

  • Tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Worn teeth & chipping
  • Inflamed gums
  • Tense jaw
  • Fatigue & daytime drowsiness
  • Headaches & TMJ disorder

You can also be just treated for snoring only with our Solea laser during a single 15 min treatment with no pain and no post op discomfort for immediate improvement.

Want to Get a Sleep Apnea Consultation?

If you’ve noticed a difference in your sleeping patterns, feel tightness in your jaw, or are experiencing symptoms like tooth sensitivity and dental wear, contact our office today to schedule a sleep apnea consult!

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