TMD Consults

and Orofacial Pain Management

Experiencing chronic jaw pain? It could be a sign of TMD, also commonly referred to as TMJ pain, a disorder that affects the muscles surrounding the jaw.

Up to one third of adults may suffer from TMD, but it can be difficult to treat because the causes can be wide and varying. The clinical team at Family Dentistry Group are trained to accurately identify issues involved with orofacial (jaw) pain and provide solutions for treatment.

What Exactly is TMD?

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder which affects the function of the temporomandibular joints that are located around the hinging of your jaw. Working together, the sliding hinge motion of the joints allow you to chew, speak, and open your mouth normally. Dysfunction of the orofacial joints can lead to chronic pain and discomfort.

Common Signs of TMD

It’s all too often that TMD goes undiagnosed. This is mostly because patients don’t recognize the signs and symptoms as being related to their jaw! You may have TMD if you’re experiencing:

  • Clicking or popping of the jaw
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Headaches & neck aches
  • Tender or sore jaw
  • Pain while yawning, biting, eating
  • Hard to open or close the mouth

Risk Factors for TMD and Orofacial Pain

TMD can develop after a head or jaw injury, a problem with your bite alignment, and even stress factors like teeth grinding (bruxism) and tensing your jaw excessively.

At Family Dentistry Group, we use advanced technology and modern techniques in dentistry to determine how you can best manage your pain. We provide a comprehensive exam for TMD evaluation and your treatment for TMD orofacial pain depends on the cause. For example, if it’s a tooth grinding issue, we have oral appliances that can keep your teeth from constantly grinding down. In other cases, a more conservative approach may include simple exercises that release tension and alleviate pressure. If you are diagnosed with TMD, we can treat the issue with custom-made oral appliances that relieve pain and reduce bruxism and also with other adjunct therapies including Botox treatment.

Do You Need a TMD Consult in Pennsylvania?

You don’t need to live in pain! Family Dentistry Group works with you to successfully identify and treat Orofacial Pain and provide proper dental care. If you would like to make an appointment for a TMD consultation, please contact our office today!

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